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    Hari's Apllication.



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    Hari's Apllication.

    Post by HARIII on Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:25 pm

    “Hi, my name is Hari and I would like to be considered to join Loot Addicts.

    RuneScape Game Name -King Hari xD
    Combat Level - 95
    Age - 20
    Country of Residence - Holland
    Referred by (If you weren't referred put N/A)- Lahmia
    Do you meet the requirements? - Not yet, im working on it! current stats:
    75 Attack
    79 Strength
    70 Defence
    75 Range
    70 Prayer
    77 Mage

    I can afford all the needed items, and will quest to get the barrow gloves.

    In your own words describe what 'RS Justice' is. If you are unsure, please state this -
    Be nice to everyone, be respectfull, Help people who are in need Smile

    Reason for joining -
    Been searching for a nice PVM clan since 1996, never found one like you guys <3
    i've been in multiple clans, pking and pvming and everyone were such high class bitches.. first time i was in discord i heard narsti talking and had already a feeling this is gonna be my clan <3

    I have read ALL information and i fully understand and accept the clan rules. I will be fully compliant of them. I also understand that failure to show evidence of reading both pages can result in my application being declined.
    No pic no proof xD, jk i've read it all.

    Thank you for taking the time to view my application.

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