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    How to get a rank?


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    How to get a rank?

    Post by Narsti on Wed Jan 25, 2017 12:11 am


    We operate on a points system!

    As we are a PvM Clan, you can earn the most points by Splitting Drops.

    Recruit - Has passed the application process.
    Corporal - Has earned over 50 points.
    Sergeant - Has earned over 100 points.
    Lieutenant - Has earned over 150 points.
    Captain/Forum Mod - All Captains are voted on upon by Generals.
    General - Clan Founders.

    How it works:

    Loot Split = 1 Point per 1m split you can gain points by screenshotting the loot on the floor and screenshotting you splitting it!

    Members Recruited = 5 Points per active member recruited.

    Being Kicked = -10 Points per temporary kick from the clan chat.

    Ranks may be removed or reduced for long periods of inactivity. Once you have rejoined the clan, your rank may or may not automatically be reapplied.

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